Business center SOPHARMA - LITEX, Sofia

Litex Commerce JSC & Sopharma AD

Plan 31 Ltd.

Spread out area (under 0.00): 21 866 m2 Spread out area (over 0.00): 43 323 m2 Business centre LITEX incorporates 16 stories office building and two low-raised structures, all of them with underground levels. Administrative trade complex Sopharma incorporates totally ten buildings two of them are 22 and 19 stories in height and the other eight are two stories. The structures of all buildings are separated by earthquake joints that go through the foundations as well. The standard slabs of all tall buildings are designed with12cm thickness and up-stand beams with 4,20m length. The columns grid is 8,40 / 8,40m. The floor slabs of low-raised buildings are flat with 32cm thickness with the same supported distances. The foundation of 16 stories office building is designed with 140cm foundation slab supported by 15m in length groove walls. The tall buildings of Sopharma with 22 and 19 stories are designed with foundation slabs with thickness accordingly 180cm and 160cm. The low-raised structures have 50cm foundation slabs and under the columns have 60cm up-stand steps hided in the back fill.

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